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Our Mission

   The Windsor Locks Historical Society has one primary purpose – to celebrate the history of Windsor Locks, Connecticut. We achieve that by preserving artifacts and structures from the past, fostering historical and genealogical research, and educating both young and old about the leading role this Connecticut River Valley town has played in the economic, ethnic, cultural and religious development of the state, region, nation and world. 

   From Native American seasonal hunters, to Puritan farmers drawn to the rich soil of the river meadows, to Yankee industrialists, to waves of Irish, Italian, French Canadian and Polish immigrants who came here to find work in the mills, to African-Americans who took up arms with their fellow citizens to help preserve our nation in the War of Rebellion, to Hispanic and Caribbean laborers in sweltering tobacco fields, and to the more recent increase in our Middle Eastern, Asian and South Asian neighbors – all came with one goal in common – to claim their share of the American dream.

   Truly, the story of Windsor Locks is the story of America. The Windsor Locks Historical Society exists to tell that story, not only in the quiet corners of dusty libraries, but within these pages, in our museum, in our schools and anywhere else where we can find people willing to listen. Why not join us?

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