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Windsor Locks Living History Series

RUssell Meade

An interview with Russell Meade
7/23/1925 - 4/29/2020

Russ Meade lived on East Windsor Hill until about the 5th grade, he then moved to Rockville and did not finish high school but went into the Marines at 16 years old. He heard about the tragedy at Pearl Harbor while in boot camp.


Russ married in 1946 and had three children. They moved to Windsor Locks in 1954 to be close to Bradley Field where he worked until he retired in 1995. He always loved airplanes, cars and motorcycles and went to local races.

bloody ridge.jpg

Atop Bloody Ridge Guadalcanal

found plane.jpg

Russ's troop shot down a Japanese plane and then went into the jungle and they found the plane. Russ is the one far left back with no shirt on. 

Russ Meade.jpg

Russ Meade

russ meade young.jpg


boot camp.jpg

Russ with a boot camp buddy


Home on leave

service with friends.jpg

Washington Christmas 1944

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