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Windsor Locks Living History Series

Yolanda Campominosi Sartirana

An interview with Yolanda Campominosi Sartirana

Born in 1919 in Windsor Locks, Connecticut, Yolanda tells about her life in Windsor Locks. Much of what she knew is now gone, but some things remain, such as the Historic Train Station, an important part of her life, and the house on Church Street, where she lived until she married. Yolanda and her husband, Aldo, owned and operated the Oak Street Market, a quintessential neighborhood grocery store located in the old downtown section of Windsor Locks. Yolanda’s recall of her life events is amazing in its detail, much of it recalled by the interviewer, who worked at the Oak Street Market from 1961 through 1964.


Yolanda’s story ends with photos of the Oak Street Market in the late 1950s and early 1960s. In 1974 the Redevelopment Agency moved forward with plans to renovate downtown Windsor Locks. The Oak Street Market was the first building to be razed.  At that point in their lives, the Sartirana's gave up the grocery business.

Enjoy this amazing story of Windsor Locks history.


Yolanda Campominosi Sartirana

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